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Do you want to get into a happy and healthy relationship but continue to run into these problems?

  • Meeting men who avoid commitment
  • Men who continue to play games and are unclear about whether they want a relationship or not
  • Men who are interested at first, but then pull away...even when things are going well
  • Men who only want to a physical relationship and run away from commitment
  • Just can’t seem to find the man who is right for you
  • Continue to date several men but can’t find one who wants a real relationship
  • Continue to be stuck in the friends’ zone, even though it’s clear you are perfect for each other
  • Not being asked out enough
  • In a relationship with an “unavailable man” but he swears he’s into you
  • Having trouble understanding men and what they want
  • Having trouble meeting the right man
  • Feel like men are intimidated by you
  • Continue dating men who are simply not right for you but afraid to cut it off

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Still not convinced? Here's what you'll learn in this 10 day intensive course:

  • The ONE simple skill that every woman in a successful relationship uses regularly...some don’t even know they are using it!
  • A Man’s Number ONE need! And how to fulfill it without raising a finger.
  • Exact formula that you can use to bring a man closer to you...even if he has started to pull away!
  • 3 things a man will always do if he is interested…it never fails, he will always do this
  • Having trouble getting men to approach you? Use this one easy flirting technique that gets a man to approach you and start a don’t have to do a thing!
  • 2 quick questions you can ask any man to determine if he is just “playing games” or ready for a real commitment. (You can use this at any stage of the relationship to decide if he is a keeper or not.)
  • The one major mistake that over 90% of women make when they are really into a man...and how to fix it, even if he’s started to lose interest!
  • Two major turn-offs for men...that ALL women have committed at least one time in their lives.
  • How to know for sure if he is right for you...even if you’ve been dating for years!

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I absolutely love this course. It makes perfect sense. I am loving these sessions, they are full of Great Advice! I see myself all through these lessons. Thank you Mrs. Robyn Lee.
(Summer, Lexington, KY)

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

Read what others are saying about this course:

"This Course will help ANY WOMAN, even women without a lot of dating experience, learn how to attract the man you want and get him to love, desire, and commit to you; even if you have tried time and time again to talk to him, have had little success with dating, or things just plainly have not been working out for you in this area!" - Robyn Lee

I came across you on twitter from a RT and have been hooked ever since. Honestly, I didn't sign-up to get the mini course for a while because I was too afraid to face my dilemmas in my dating life. Well fear will cripple you in every aspect, so I put on my big girl panties and signed up. It was awesome information that helped me actually apply the strategies...

Keep up the great work!

Rashida, Bronx, NY

I loved the advice. There was a lot of meaning to it and everything made great sense. There are a lot of woman like me that don't know how to know if a guy is really interested in you, so we actually do wrong things, thinking they are right. Your lessons have helped a lot and hope to hear more wonderful tips from you 🙂

Missy T., Little Rock, Arkansas

The information was extremely valuable. I really appreciated the emails coming in on a regular basis. I applied my learning and am still working on this.  Thank you so much Robyn!


Thank you very much for the lessons. I have learned so many things that I did not think were the ones affecting relationships. I am now wiser and putting them in practice. Again thank you.

I am already sharing what you have been sending me with my friends to help them have better relationships. I have discovered we always look on the wrong things when it come to relationships. Keep up the good work!

Lucy C., Nairobi, Kenya

I really like your lessons and they have been a big help to me. You're really changing lives here. Thanks Robyn!

Ester M.

These lessons were very helpful and to me these are core relationship fundamentals that are missing in this generation. Your explanation of each lesson was easy to understand.


Thank you Robyn for the first lesson...I think I've been too hard on myself and transfer the pressure to guys on the need to settle down and get serious. A little fun in my life would definitely make things easier for my next relationship...looking forward to getting more tips from you. Thank you.

Bomi M., Lagos, Nigeria

The information you provided was great. I was yearning to learn more and more. Every time I checked my email I would look to see if I had a new lesson in my inbox. I actually did use some of the tips you suggested and you're right men like to chase. The moment you start chasing, they back away.

Thank you for the advice and you are great. I look forward to hearing about other lessons you offer.

Wendy S., Los Angeles, CA

I don't feel so desperate now. It's no reason at all for me to go back to my husband
at this time.  I deserve better and like you said it could be my high school crush or another man that will treat me like I'm the only woman in the world and I cannot wait to experience that. I just read Lesson 4 and I promise to be the pursued and not pursuer.

Crystal W. , Philadelphia, PA

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful informative articles you have been sending me.

They have really shed so much light as it pertains to issues dealing with relationships. Thank you so much. Your articles are really helpful. Best regards, Suzzy

I have found your lessons not only informative but also very beneficial and helpful. I have been applying your tips and not only feel better about myself and more confident, but also see changes in my relationship for the better.

Thank you so much for your helpful advice and I look forward to the following lessons to come.


I thank you for the mini-course. I enjoy reading your messages and I find myself putting your advice to work already (today I used a compliment the way you recommended in lesson 2 and it just felt right).


Hope you're fine and doing well. I have received three lessons till today and I must say this is great work...every lesson is strong and powerful and I can imagine if one follows all 10 lessons, it will lead to a health relationship with any man she desires 🙂

Looking forward to 7 more lessons 🙂


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