Hi Ladies,

Muhammad Robyn 7739961085I’m Robyn Lee. I’m an ordinary woman who found myself having trouble meeting men in the prime time of my life. I would wonder why I couldn’t meet Mr. Right especially since I saw myself as a catch. I was independent, worked out regularly, and was very driven.

As soon as I gave up on finding Mr. Right, I found my Prince Charming; it was by accident and along the way learned some very important lessons about what I was doing wrong that actually made me understand why I had been single for so long.

I have read about everything I possibly can on relationships and use my knowledge to help others avoid the mistakes I made at the beginning.

If you are motivated to move into a healthy relationship and want to learn from my successes (and failures!), please sign up for my free ten lesson mini course below.

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Your Relationship Teacher,

Robyn Lee