Does He Really Like Me?

The Top 3 Signs He Likes You

Find Out If He Likes You Right Now!

So, there is this guy that has been giving you a little attention, and you and you want to know, does he really like me? If you want to find out whether a guy really likes you, you have to be able to listen to your instinct.

But some guys can be really tricky, they give off mixed signals and you can not really tell what these signals mean. One thing is for sure, this can be really frustrating. Determining whether a guy is into you is easier than some women realize. Take a look at these 3 signals men give to women when they are really interested.

1)    If you want to find out does he really like me, pay attention to his greeting.

When you see this guy, does he make it a priority to greet you? Is he always in a hurry when you see him or does he stop for friendly conversation? If he always wants more than a hello, there is a pretty good chance that he enjoys talking to you at the very least.

If you want to find out whether he is into you, make sure you are smiling and enjoying the conversation. This will give him enough confidence to take the next step and ask you out. If you find that YOU are the one who always greets him, try not making the first move the next couple of times you see him, and see if he steps up to the plate.

2)    Is he always smiling at you?

Do you find that this guy is always smiling at you? This signal is going to need a little research, observe him and see if he is this friendly to everyone. If he is always smiling at you, give him a warm smile back, the type of smile that lets him know if he wants to approach you, you’re ok with it.

MEGA TIP: There are different types of smiles you can give to men. Be sure you are not giving off a quick smile that quickly returns to a stoic facial expression, let your smile linger for a bit, it’s more flirtatious. Be sure you are not giving off a desperate cheesy smile either. These types of smiles give off a desperation vibe.

3)    Has he tried to make plans with you?

This signal is the most important because the way he asks you out will let you know immediately whether he wants to make sure you can make the event or whether he is partial to whether you come or not. If he is asking you out the day of the event, beware, it could be genuine but most times he might be partial to whether you come or not. If he tries to make plans with you a couple of days or better off a week or more in advance, he wants to be sure that you can actually make the event. You can almost bet on the fact that he has an interest in you.

DATER BEWARE: Even if he does ask you out ahead of time, pay attention to the type of event that you are invited to. If it is an event where he must have a date or it would be pretty awkward, like a wedding or a Christmas party, take that into consideration also. There could be a chance you were just the easiest person to ask out.

DATER BEWARE: No matter what, do not fall victim to the he is too shy I need to help him ask me out mentality. One thing that you should know for sure is, if a guy is interested he will let you know. Eventually it will be very clear. Pursuing is in his instinct, so let him do the initiating.

If you like a particular guy and want to get him to approach you, if you’ve read anything on my blog you know that I am a big fan of FLIRTING. But flirting must be done correctly in order to get the maximum benefit.

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