How To Get The Guy You Want

How To Get The Man You Want Easily

how to get the guy you wantI know how it feels when you know in your heart of hearts that a guy would be perfect for you and you want to convince him that you are the woman for him. Or maybe you are at a point where you just want to attract the right guy for you that has all the qualities you want.

I am going to share with you 3 rules that melt men’s hearts and causes them to be more inclined to be in a relationship with you. And I am  going to share with you the one single thing that ruins your chances of ever getting with him, more women than you think actually do this.

Note: Pursuing him, buying him things, or doing everything he wants is not going to get you the man you want. These are huge turn-offs for men even though it seems that a man might like you to do this. The type of woman that makes men really want to enter into a relationship is the complete opposite of this.

 Have you defined it clearly?

This must be done before anything else. There are many women who have been successful in getting the guy that they want physically, but when they actually got to know the real person, it wasn’t what they wanted at all. So before anything else, write a list, check it twice, and decide what type of man you want.

DATER BEWARE: Separate must have qualities between nice to have qualities. If you meet a nice guy who has all your must haves it would be silly to dismiss him simply because he does not like drinking grape juice like you do. The important thing here is to know which qualities that are deal breakers for you and which qualities are bonuses.

The one thing men can’t help but love.

No matter what type of guy you like, there is one thing a man can’t resist. It’s your smile. Have you smiled at him yet? Yes, it’s really darn simple, but some women like guys for years and have not even given the green light, letting him know that if he were to approach you, you would most likely accept his advances. If you haven’t given your man a smile, it will be difficult for him to just randomly approach you. Men fear rejection as much, if not more than women. You have to give him something to go on.

The easiest brownie points you can ever get…

how to get the guy you wantIf you have been reading my site you know all about a man’s number one need. If not, I would like to share that with you now. A man’s number one need is to feel successful. A man will approach a woman that he feels that he can please because that gives him his feeling of success. Are you hard to please? Does it show all over your face? Are you disgusted by men? All of this shows.

A man wants a woman that he can please. If you are difficult to please or seem to be, he won’t want to be near you.

Here’s how you can get some easy brownie points, compliment him. Ok, in order to get all your brownie points don’t focus on HIM in particular, focus on the thing he has provided. So let’s say you are doing a group project together and he did the excel worksheets, talk about how great the sheets were put together. Women are the ones who like direct compliments like “You are so wonderful”, “You are so pretty”, “You are so smart”.

Men like to receive compliments about what they have provided. So compliments like “The movie was so good”, “That project turned out great”, “That was the best restaurant I have ever been to” are best. Try it, it works.

Are you giving off this vibe? It’s a huge turn off!

If there is one thing that every woman should know, it’s that you don’t HAVE to have any man. Don’t jump over bridges or walk on water to convince him that you are the right woman for him. You don’t have to give off the desperate vibe. If you get into the habit of always pursuing him, you set yourself up for a lifetime of pursuit. You do not want to be the person always initiating dates or nights out. Let him do some of the work. And plus, there is nothing like a man being in pursuit of you. When a man is pursuing you he is using his natural hunter qualities and you will love the attention.

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