How To Kiss A Man

how to kiss a guy

Without Doing The Things That Make Him Lose Interest In You

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Kissing is supposed to be simple right?

Then why did I have so much trouble kissing a man? I can tell you this, the longer you wait to kiss him the more likely you enter into to friend’s zone.

This happened to me, I was dating this guy in college, handsome and charming. He did everything he could to show me he liked me. He invited me out with him, we watched movies together, we had regular play dates. We both liked tennis and badminton.

And all the while, unbeknownst to me, we were just becoming closer FRIENDS. He wanted to kiss me a few times, but I made the situation so awkward that he was afraid that I would reject him.

He would look at me in a way that showed that he wanted a kiss and I would ignore him.

Because I wouldn’t return his signs of affection, he just figured I didn’t like him.

And what a shame, because where I failed there were a line of women wanting to have the same opportunity I did. Long story short…no happy ending. He eventually went on to marry a woman, who I believe, looked just like me…

Many times by not kissing a guy (when the time is right), you give him the sign that you just aren’t interested and he moves on to another woman who is.

But if you want to kiss a man effectively, the type of kiss that leads to something more…like a relationship. You have to be prepared.

Preparation comes in many different forms. How are you dressed? Are you dressed like a woman? Men love women and the more you make yourself more of a woman, the more he wants to kiss you.

Let me explain. If you are planning on kissing your man tonight, try wearing a casual dress or a skirt. Let your hair down. Make sure your lips are kissable, or at least not obviously dry.

Smell good. Put on light perfume, use scents that others, preferably males have complimented you on before.

I want to say this again because it is so important. Men love women who make them feel more like men, so you dressing the part of the woman is going to make him want you more.

Before you put your lips on his, make sure he is giving you signs that he wants to kiss or better yet give him the signs so he will make the first move. That takes a lot of pressure off you.

If you want to get into a passionate kiss, do yourself a favor and don’t just dive into it.

Building up to a GREAT French kiss takes time. Here’s what I mean, instead of just sticking your tongue in his mouth, start off with smaller kisses that don’t include the tongue.

Work yourself up to the big kiss. This is more romantic and sensual.

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