How To Move On After A Breakup

The 4 Best Ways to Help You Get Over Your Break Up Fast!

It’s hardest on the weekends.

If you have just broken up with someone and you are still in love with them, it is toughest when you can’t fill up your time spending time with them.No matter how much it hurts, moving on past heartbreak is essential in order to rebuild your life and remain sane.

Here are four additional strategies you should use to move past heartbreak:

1. Acknowledge that it happened – As much as you might want to, ignoring the fact that you just broke up won’t help. It will make it harder to heal. Don’t pretend that it hasn’t happened.

2. Realize it’s going to take time – Be patient with yourself, you will not get over the person in one day, although we all wish we could. Give yourself time to get the person out of your system. This may take weeks or months. Don’t rush yourself to get into another relationship right away especially if you aren’t ready. Take small steps.

Take some time for yourself and focus on some things that you like to do. Rebuild your brand and who you are. Often times in relationships we stop doing some things we like to do in order to carve out more time to spend with our significant other. Get back to those things and what you like to do and keep busy doing them. The more time you spend focusing on things you like to do, the less time you spend thinking about the break up.

3. Release that person – This can be done in different ways. But if you still hold on to that person and the hurts that they have caused, it will be impossible for you to move on to a healthy relationship. You have got to let go.

4. Slowly get back into the swing of things – Sometimes a lot of women get stuck in phase two where they are realizing it will take time, but at some point you have got to get back out there.

Take it slow, but do SOMETHING.

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