Tips To Get A Boyfriend

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tips to get a boyfriend

3 Best Tips To Help You Get A Boyfriend Fast

tips to get a boyfriend

It’s your turn already!

It’s tough watching people going on dates and enjoying having a companion to spend time with, when you don’t have a man of your own.

And it’s even worse when you feel that you deserve to have a boyfriend.

If you want excellent tips to get a boyfriend, there are certain rules you must follow to get the type of man you actually want.

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First of all, you should know that ANYONE can get a boyfriend. You don’t have to be extremely beautiful, skinny, and smart to find your match. But if you want the man that is right for you and not just ANY man it is important that you follow these three suggestions very closely.

1)    Know what you want

I’m sure if you have read any relationship books they have told you the importance of writing a list of what you want in a boyfriend before you start taking steps to acquire one. The importance of writing a list is in the fact that you have a concrete description of the type of qualities that you want in a man so you are able to focus your efforts on someone who is truly right for you. Think about it, if you went to the grocery store without a list and you wanted your end result to be a good meal, you could end up picking up anything. But if you had a meal in mind, and you have a list, you can’t go wrong because your list is a constant reminder of what you want and what you can do without.

DATER BEWARE: When making your list don’t make it so detailed that it is like a mule getting through the eye of a needle. First write a comprehensive list of everything you want in a man, don’t hold back, I mean everything, even if you want him to wear blue socks on Tuesdays! Then take that list and narrow it down to things that you can’t live without and those things that are just nice to have. Use your new list as a constant reminder of what you truly want. Don’t compromise on the things you really want.

2)    Do you like you?
Think about it. If you were a spectator looking into your life, would you date you? Are you enjoying your life enough the way it is now in order to attract a good man? If not, take some time and write down your goals and steps to reach them. This will keep you in a great mindset, because you will know that you are taking actions each day to become your ideal self. You will be happier and people will want to be in your life.

MEGA TIP: Learn to be grateful for the good things in your life now, if you show gratitude for the good things you have going on now, more will come. (It’s part of the Law of Attraction)

3)    Smile
Alright, this might seem like a simple step, but think about it. When someone smiles at you, don’t you feel good inside? Isn’t it easier to approach a person if they just smiled at you? Or even to start random small talk with them? Be careful that you are not walking around with a chip on your shoulder. Making a habit of smiling at individuals even if they don’t smile back, makes you a more attractive person.

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