What Do Men Find Attractive

Nowadays, being attractive is not enough.

Any woman can be found attractive by a man.

Any woman who dresses half way decent will have men that find her attractive.

It takes something more than “looking good” for men to truly find you attractive. The type of woman they can’t help but respect and want to be a part of their lives.

You want men to find you attractive long term. You want to have that magnet that lures them in every time they interact with you.

Attraction without substance means nothing.

You’re just another attractive woman to a man. You get categorized.

Men will date you for a while but then they will ultimately dump you because you don’t have the characteristics of an attractive woman.

Many beautiful women have the toughest time keeping men around. And many average looking women have guys that fall all over them.

Why is that?

What do men find attractive besides physical appearances?

If it baffles you why you are single or consistently getting passed up for a relationship, you’ll want to pay close attention to what men really find attractive because most women are uneducated about what turns men on.

I was having dinner with my brother the other day and we were talking about relationships and marriage.

The conversation turned to his ex girlfriend and I wondered why he had dumped her because she seemed to be so nice.

And he told me because she didn’t have a mind of her own. She agreed with everything he said and had no suggestions opposing his.

What! So men don’t want women to please them?

Yes, men want women to be agreeable at times but not to the point where they don’t have their own mind.

If you are constantly liking everything he likes and not having a mind of your own, he’ll lose interest and his attraction to you.

If he suggests going to see a horror movie and horror movies actually terrify the heck out of you and you have nightmares after watching them, don’t agree to see that type of movie with him no matter how much you like him.

It is imperative that you have a mind of your own.

Be comfortable with who you are. If something bothers you let him know. Holding things in until you just burst will make you and him unhappy in the end.

Along with having a mind of your own…

You should not be changing your plans in order to date him.

A lot of women like to play games on this one. I had a close friend that would attempt to fake fill up her schedule as to seem like she was busy when she wasn’t.

Guys would ask her out and she would say she had something to do, for a while it worked well for her but ultimately the men could see past her games and got fed up and decided not to pursue her anymore.

When it’s real, you won’t have to fake it

Playing games about what you really have to do will always get you in trouble. People will see through you.

But if you have other things going on in your life, you should not change your schedule just to fit his. There is a thing called being “too available”

The rule of thumb is to keep a calendar and schedule events you need to attend and projects you have to complete and schedule dates around those times.


The thing men most find attractive

This is actually what will put you ahead of the class because most women don’t know this and the women that do mostly don’t use it to their advantage.

But the fact is that men like women who respect their manhood.

Part of what makes a man happy is being able to provide for a woman and so many women reject men paying for dates or don’t want them opening the doors for them.

Men are turned off by this behavior because what they get their happiness from pleasing you and if they feel they can’t please you, they will ultimately become disinterested or leave.

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