3 Simple Ways to Make a Guy Fall In Love With You

how to make a guy fall in love with youHonestly, few women actually know what makes men fall in love. You may be doing a lot of things wrong. This is because there is a lot of inaccurate information on what works.

I’m going to share with you 3 strategies that work when making a man fall in love and 3 things women do that are believed to make a man fall in love but actually just pushes him farther away and avoid commitment.

What Makes A Man Commit?

Do you ever wonder what makes a man commit to one woman almost instantly but with another woman it can take years for a man to commit? Making a man fall in love is more about making a man want to commit, instead of “pressuring” him to make a commitment. Using the 3 strategies below effectively, will help a man want to commit to you. If you want to learn more about commitment and the right ways to make him fall more in love check out Mirabelle’s Addict Him To You Website.

What’s the most important thing you need to know about making him fall in love?

Note: If you don’t understand men, it’s going to be difficult for you to have a healthy relationship. This is because you will always relate to a man as if he were a woman. You will do things for him because you would want the same things done for you. This is completely wrong. You will have a lot of problems in your relationship if you treat a man the way you want to be treated, that’s not how men operate.

Understanding men and what causes them to act and react in certain ways gives you the power to create the type of relationship you want, it’s true.

If you want him to take you out, he will. If you want flowers, he’ll do that. If you want him to go to your parent’s birthday party, he’ll be happy to take the time out of his schedule. You just have to understand why men act in certain ways and what things you can do to get him to act in the ways you want.

3 Strategies You Absolutely Need To Make Him Fall In Love

1. Make Him Feel Good About What He Does

Stroke his ego and don’t stop. But it has to be authentic. Make him feel good about himself. Think about it. There are so many messages that he’s receiving daily telling him he’s not doing well enough and that he’s not good enough.

Nowadays the media defines success as driving a new model SUV, living in a mini Mansion, and having money to throw around frivolously for every new piece of technology that comes out.

This just isn’t true and you should show your man that he is enough, just the way he is, if he decides he wants to do better of course you support him but you also let him know right now, “Baby, I appreciate you for mowing the lawn.” “I love how you provide for our family by going to work, it turns me on”

2. Become The Type of Woman He Can Talk To

Be the woman he can talk to. I know, if you’ve been in any long term relationship you know how difficult it is to get a man to talk about his feelings. But what do you do when he does share a little? I remember one time when my significant other tried to share something that was frustrating him with his life. I made the hugest mistake, I said “Grow Up, you have to learn to deal with these things” And I paid for it deeply, it was difficult to get him to talk about anything after that.

If he can’t talk to you and be comfortable with sharing how he feels with you, then who can he do it with? Eventually he did come back around but only after I learned how to create the environment.

3. Is It Too Difficult To Make You Happy?

This goes back to the first point but it’s a little bit deeper. A man’s number one goal is to be successful and part of that success is being able to make the woman by his side happy. Are you that woman? Are you happy to be with him? If not, that’s fine, he will eventually find a woman who will be.

A lot of women miss this point, a large part of keeping your man around and loving you is being appreciative and happy for the things he does.

What if he isn’t doing much right now? That’s fine, let him know that you are happy with the things that he is doing, this will make him do more of them.

One of the common mistakes women make with men is telling them what’s on their mind all the time. Men are more action oriented than verbally communicative. If you want him to do the things you like, you show it by your actions, not by your words. And when he is giving you something, is not the time to tell him what you don’t like.

I know this can be hard. I dated a guy once and told him that all I wanted was flowers and he gave me everything else but flowers. When he brought me anything that wasn’t a flower, I thanked him for it but I always made it a point to mention that I wanted flowers. What happened next surprised me.

He stopped getting me anything because he figured he couldn’t make me happy, so why even try. It took me a long time and a lot of appreciating the little things for him to even consider doing those nice “boyfriend” things again. If this is where you struggle and you want to know how to make him want to do the things you like, I’m going to suggest that you check out the Addict Him to You Video on how to become the woman men adore and never want to leave.

3 Mistakes Most Women Make With Men

1. Doing everything for him.

But don’t guys like when women do nice things for them? Yes, but not to the point where you are attempting to equal his gifts or show him that you love him more. His love grows stronger for you when he is able to do things for you.

2. Seducing him with your sexy outfit.

Nope, it’s a short fix and once he gets what he wants, it’s back to trying to figure out how to make him fall in love again.

3. Making him a better person.

Come on now, how come I can’t help him be all that he can be? Men don’t like when women try to change them. When he wants your advice on something he will ask. When you try to change him you are communicating that he isn’t good enough and he’s not able to make you happy.

Men don’t tell you they are unhappy or don’t like you – that’s what women do! Men just leave…

Don’t Make This Common Mistake

The biggest mistake women have in making a guy fall in love is not knowing how to bring out the best in men.  This is why you will see a man give NOTHING to a woman he is dating and then starts to date another woman and gives her EVERYTHING.

This is not by coincidence. He didn’t learn anything new from the previous relationship. The reason this happens is because the new woman he is dating knows how to relate to men either naturally or she has studied it.

It has nothing to do with how much money a man has, because a woman that a man falls in love with will receive everything he has to offer. He will find new ways to make her happy and he will even ditch his friends to be with her.

Becoming the type of woman men love and want to stay with for long term is not all that difficult to do.

There is just a lot of WRONG information out there and if you have watched T.V. or listened to the radio for more than 10 minutes, you have already been lead in the wrong direction. But when you understand what makes a man fall in love and want to do things for you, it’s actually a lot of fun.

I caution you in listening to girlfriends advice or reading “women’s” magazines to figure out how to treat a man. Most of this advice is inaccurate and causes women to chase after men and put them on a pedestal, which chases him away! Join my free 10 lessons on men mini course to learn more about how to do things the right way in order to get ANY man you want to fall in love.

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