What Do Men Find Attractive In A Woman

The 5 Things He Will NEVER Tell You That He Thinks Are Attractive

what do men find attractive

What Do Men Find Attractive

I know how difficult it can be to find reliable information about what men find attractive on the web.

A lot of websites will tell you certain physical attributes that will make a man more attracted to you. But what happens when you look good and still can’t attract a man or seem to attract the guys that have nothing going for them?

Sad to say, I’ve been there. This is because, it’s not all about good looks, if that was the case every beautiful actress, singer, and model would be able to get a man and keep a man. But you probably know, that is not true!

Note: Some men will actually do things for women that they wouldn’t normally do for others. This explains why you can date a man and he seems that he is cheap but when he gets with another woman he gives her the world. It hurts when this happened, I have experienced it myself.

Now honestly, if your goal is to just attract plenty of men and you don’t care how they look, treat you , dress, or smell…this is not the website for you.

But if you want to learn how to attract the cream of the crop, you will want to read on because I’m going to share with you the good, the bad and the ugly, when it comes to what men actually find attractive in a woman. I will share with you the 5 basic qualities you need to possess to attract the type of man you want and 5 things you would never know that attracts men and are highly effective at getting a good man.

But just because you are physically attractive doesn’t mean a man will approach you or even want to date you. I will teach you 5 characteristics you will need to get you more attention from men.

Why Men Like Some Women And Not Others

It is important to understand each man is different.

Why is this important?

Because men have their preferences, just like women. Some women like big muscles, others don’t. Some women like professional men, others would rather have a handy man. Men will be attracted to different types of women. Everyone on earth does not find Kim Kardashian and Beyonce attractive.

There are plenty of men that will find you attractive.

Beyond physical attractiveness, there are certain characteristics every woman needs to increase her chances of a guy finding her attractive:

what men find attractive5 Basics To Attracting A Few Good Men

These suggestions might seem simple, but if you are missing out on any of them, chances are you aren’t meeting as many men that are actually interested in you.

1. Is Your Talk Attractive?

Being confident doesn’t mean being aggressive. It just means being sure about what you are talking about and not questioning yourself repeatedly. The worse thing you can do when talking to a man is complain about how your life sucks or downing yourself, your weight, or your intelligence. Men want to be a part of your life not the wheels that keep it moving. Self-belief portrays confidence, regardless of the focus of the conversation.

If a man compliments you, accept his compliment. Many women will dismiss what a guy has said or even worse deny what he has said is true.

If he says to you, “You have a great smile”. Say thank you instead of questioning his intentions or denying that it is true.

The woman that believes she is deserving of love and affection is usually the one that gets it.

2. Why should he approach you anyway?

Eye contact is so very important. Well it still stands to say that usually people like others who like them. Few men want to be rejected when they approach you, so you have to give them a little to go on so they will want to make the first move. Sometimes the difference between him starting a conversation with you or your best friend is the girl who expressed interest in him. A warm friendly smile does wonders to make him want to approach you or ask you out.

3. What does your body language say about you?

Body language reveals a whole lot more about you then what you actually say. Slumping over or moving back and forth repeatedly does not convey self-assurance. Keep your posture straight. Moreover, if you are slouched or jittery, you make him more nervous. If you are relaxed and calm, you cause him to be more comfortable also.

4. Do you need too much support?

Confident individuals don’t need to be constantly reassured. If you want to do something, don’t look to others for approval. Just do it. If you need too much reassurance, it becomes a job for the other person. You are seen as needy. Be able to do things on your own. And more importantly, be yourself without questioning yourself.

MEGA TIP: The person who cares the least what other people think are usually the most confident. The key here is not to just go out in jogging pants and your old college tee because you don’t care what other people think. You want to look good, remember men are first visual creatures so if you look like a bum, he won’t be able to notice your great sense of self because chances are he isn’t looking your way. But it is important to have confidence in being your complete self and knowing that your ideas and views are just as important as others.

5. Do you have this quality?

When you think of bold people, shyness is not a defining quality that comes to mind. Being bold requires a certain level of confidence. It means being different, taking a chance. Get rid of your inhibitions and do something spontaneous. You will have fun and show others you aren’t afraid of risks or the judgment of others.

5 Advanced Techniques To Accelerate Attraction

what do men find attractive

  • Women that have things going on in their lives:  No one want to be BORED with you. Find something you are interested in and be happy doing it. Men like women who genuinely have other things going on in their lives. Whether that is working out, sports, involved in the community, mentoring kids. – It’s just plain attractive. – Then you won’t have to play hard to get, because you will actually have a schedule to abide by.
  • Women who like men: This might seem OBVIOUS, but some women have a chip on their shoulder from past relationships, and it shows.
  • Women who take care of themselves: Women who spend time on their appearance and care how they look. It’s a fact, men like beautiful women, it’s not everything , but you should try your best to look your best everyday. You don’t have to be a supermodel! Just take some care.
  • Women who wear skirts: Doesn’t have to be a mini skirt. How often do you see women with skirts on? Guarantee you if you wear a skirt, you will turn heads. Women just don’t wear them a lot, especially for work – we tend to wear what’s comfortable.
  • Women who smile: Men LOVE LOVE LOVE women with a great smile. They can’t resist! Try it, smile at him it works!!!

A lot of women are clueless about what actually makes men stick around in relationships. It makes me sad and kind of frustrated when I constantly see a woman pouring her heart and soul into a man only to get the could shoulder from him. Visit the Connect and Commit website to learn how to move a man to commitment, even if you haven’t met him yet!

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