How To Make A Guy Want You In 3 Quick Steps

If you are struggling to get him to notice you or if you are in a dead end relationship and want your man to show more interest in you then you will want to read this.

I’m going to share the three simple things you will need to know about making a man want you.

3 Simple Ways To Make A Guy Want You, Right Now

1. Do You Believe This?

Do you believe in yourself? This may sound really corny but if you do not believe that you can get a guy to want you, It will not happen. Period. Do you believe you are attractive and desirable? Sometimes it’s all in the mind.

This is vitally important because it’s something you can’t fake. People will sense it in the way you talk, your facial expressions, and your body language.

I always suggest working on yourself first before attempting any attraction technique, loving yourself and believing in yourself is the main ingredient in attraction, point blank.

If you need help loving and believing in yourself, my 10 part attraction course is an excellent place to start, there I share how I transformed from a girl who knew nothing about attraction to the woman I am today who is confident in her marriage.

2. They’ve Made A Decision Within The First 3 Seconds

People often make judgements about you within the first 30 seconds of meeting you, and when it comes to potential interest, guys make this determination within the first 3 seconds.

This is more important for you than for him. Firstly you have to find something that you LOVE to wear. Not something you just like. Have you noticed how your attitude changes based on what you are wearing? I’m serious.

Usually when you FEEL that you look like a slob you are less outgoing and less likely to talk to people. If you feel good about what you are wearing, it brings out the best in you. Your personality starts to shine. You are happier and men will notice. Men like to be around happy women.

The second part of dressing the part once you have found an outfit that you LOVE is to get the opinions of a few close trustworthy friends on how the outfit looks. You want to make sure your outfit isn’t outdated or doesn’t fit you properly. You want to make sure you look GOOD.

3. Give him the green light.

The third part of making a guy want you is giving him a little to go on. Smile at him. Men don’t like to be rejected so if you want him to approach you, you have to give him a sign that it is ok to approach you and that you will be receptive towards him.

Give him a little eye contact and a warm smile. This usually does the trick. Be careful not to be too forward, this usually turns masculine men off. This is because most men want to take on the pursuer role. Want might be the wrong word…it actually just comes natural to most men.

Since the beginning of time men have been the ones to provide and what’s more important is that a man LOVES it when he can provide for his woman. Now, if you are one of those women who feel that this is all bullcrap – women are equal to men and that you should be able to show him that you want him, you’ll want to read on – and if you’re not – you’ll want to read on also.

Although you can choose to take on the traditional masculine role and start taking control of the situation, you will need to find a feminine energy man to make the relationship work well.

This isn’t bad, it’s just your choice.

3 Things You Must Avoid – Or He Will Lose Interest:

1. Pursuing Him Or Asking Him Out

Once you fall in the cycle it’s difficult to get out. Plus, you will never know if he likes you.

2. Playing Hard To Get

He will find you out if you are not actually hard to get. The alternative to this is having a full life filled with things you love to do. If your schedule is filled with working out, volunteer activities or family commitments, you will be telling the truth when you say that you have previous plans.

This is what turns men on because they know you are less likely to be “needy” and dependent on them if you have other things going on in your life. A man wants to be a part of your world and not the wheels that keep it turning.

3. Playing Games

This never works long term, you end up hurting the man and yourself.

DATER BEWARE: It is important to caution that if you ask a guy out the first time, you can fall into the cycle of always being the one to ask him out. He might always say yes, but If you want to be pursued instead of the chaser, you have to go a bit of time without asking him out, if he is interested he will ask you out because he misses your company.

Common misconceptions about making a guy want you:

You may believe to make a guy want you, you have to be extremely beautiful, a great conversationalist, and be willing to meet his every need.

This is false! This is one of the common misconceptions put out by mainstream media that causes a lot of women’s relationships to completely fall apart.

The truth about making a guy want you comes from a strong foundation within and applying attraction principles that work for men. If you are curious about how these work, visit the Connect and Commit website here, Connect and Commit.


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