I Want My Man Back

So you and your man broke up? And now you want him back. Maybe he left you for another woman, maybe he decided that you just weren’t the right woman for him, or maybe you even had a huge argument and both of you are too stubborn to make up. You might have even initiated the break up yourself.

Whichever is the case, I am going to help you to get him back.

The 1st thing that needs to be done:

During this time you may be tempted to give more of yourself. Maybe you want to call him to apologize, maybe you want to text him and tell him how stupid he is for breaking up with you, or maybe you are just so sad and you want to share this information with him through your voicemails.

All of these things will only push him farther away. He will start to think that you are CRAZY and even feel more firm about his decision to break up with you.

Note: You may have done some crazy things after your break up and that’s ok, you just need to make a commitment to yourself that you will stop doing them. Break ups bring out a lot of emotions you might not have known you had for him.

The best thing to do following a break up is give him the space he has asked for or that he needs.

Once you stop contacting him he will begin to wonder what is up with you. Are you dating someone else? Have you moved on already? What are you doing to fill up your days? — The less contact you make with him, the more he will curious about what you are up to.

The next technique that should be used to get your man back may be difficult for you to stomach, but it works more with your mindset than anything else.

Within a couple of weeks after the break up, you should consider dating other men. This does not mean having intimate relationships with other men it just means seeing what else is out there.

Well doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose? No, actually it helps, because it keeps your mind off your ex, which you will need to do to get him back – This will serve to boost your confidence and let you know that you are desired by other men besides your ex.

What if he is dating other women?

If you ex is dating other women, you shouldn’t worry too much about it. The same as it would be difficult for another man to come in your life and swoop you off your feet immediately after a breakup, it will also be difficult for another woman to take your place. This is because the two of you have a history together so you have the advantage.

Lastly, if you are seeing your ex on different occasions or if you work or go to school with him, keep your conversations to the bare minimum. His curiosity will get the best of him if you are not contacting him and he will want to know what is going on with you. Resist the urge to tell him every single thing that is going on in your life. Keep it short and simple.

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