Top 3 Secrets To Keep A Man Interested & Make Him Want To Stay!

Top 3 Secrets To Keep A Man Interested & Make Him Want To Stay

keep a man interested

It can be frustrating when your man or your love interest begins to lose interest in you.

You aren’t alone, this happens to a lot of women. A lot of experts will recommend that you dress sexier or pay more attention to him to get him back interested, but doing this will actually make him pull farther away.

The key to keeping a man interested in a dating situation or even in a relationship is to allow him to pull back. In this article, I’m going to discuss 3 things you can do to keep your man’s interest and also explain the number 1 mistake women make that actually makes a man pull farther away from them than ever before.

Note: Let’s be honest, it’s hard to keep a man’s interest. There are so many women out there who have low standards and who are ready and willing to do anything it takes to be “the one” to YOUR man. It is crucial that you know what it takes to be the type of woman he will commit to and never want to leave. That’s why I recommend, The Woman Men Adore and Never Want To Leave to women who visit this website. You will learn the essential things your man needs to want to become closer to you and to get him to find new ways to please you.

Before I get into 3 things you can do to keep your man interested I want to share with you one of the biggest mistakes women make when their man starts to lose his interest. I know you have probably been in this situation before when you are dating someone or you are in a relationship and things are going great and all of a sudden your man begins to pull back from the relationship. He calls, texts or communicates less with you. He starts making excuses of why he can’t see you. He might even not answer your calls.

When this happens most women do what is ingrained in their soul. You may start to take care of your man more. You may figure that you need to show him that you really really like him, because he must have forgot if he has stopped calling or is calling less. Resist the urge! You may want to call him and check up on him or invite him to a movie or cook him dinner to show him that you are “still interested” or “how much you love him”.

The best thing to do when he starts to pull back a little is to allow him his space. I know, I know, this can be tough. But allowing a man his space actually helps him to become closer to you. Use this time to hang out with your friends and family or to do some things that interest you. 

If you find yourself in this situation where your man has lost his interest, you might be surprised to find out that concentrating more on yourself during this time will bring him even closer to you. I want to share 3 simple tips with you that will help you past the time when your man needs his space and will make him more interested in you when he comes back:)

Are you hating?

Sometimes you may get in the habit of putting yourself down. For instance, you might share with your boyfriend that you think that your thighs are huge or that you can’t believe that you said something so stupid. Putting yourself down does not benefit anyone, it makes you look less self confident and your boyfriend feel really uncomfortable. Stop hating. If you need to vent, call up one of your girlfriends for a quick pick me up. Excessively talking about your perceived defects makes him start to believe you.

Think of it as taking an ax to a tree and every time you say damaging words to yourself or to your partner, you are hacking at the tree and it may take years for the tree to recover from the damage. So if you find that you are saying hurtful things to yourself, no matter how minor, stop the negative self talk. By talking positively to yourself and focusing on your positive attributes, you are training your man to think highly of you also.

Keep it Moving

Another way to keep your man interested is to keep up a work out schedule and treat the work outs like important appointments with yourself. It’s something about a woman taking care of her body that makes a man happy to be around her. Along with it’s health benefits, working out allows you some time alone to challenge yourself and achieve small accomplishments every time you complete your work out. He will be happy to know that you take pride in your body.

Along with keeping your man interested, it keeps other men interested as well. It’s something about working out that just attracts men to you. Maybe its because you hold your head higher after a workout or you feel better about yourself once you have challenged yourself. Whether its one work out or 10, men just seem to notice that you are taking pride in your body.

Does your life revolve around him?

This is most important, if you want to keep your man interested, be sure not to depend on him solely for your happiness. This has to be repeated several times because of the severity of becoming needy and dependent on your man. When you are needy you put a lot of unwanted pressure on him. So have fun with your friends, go out with your family. Don’t make it a habit of canceling dates with friends or family because your man wants to see you. Make him work around your schedule, he will be happy that you have more on your plate than just him.

A woman with other things going on in her life besides her man is sexy.

If you want to know how to keep your man interested long term, I’m going to suggest visiting The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave website. Learning about men and why they act and react in certain ways will give you a great advantage in keeping him around and making him want you more.

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