Signs He Likes Me

Top 9 Ways He Will Secretly Let You Know He’s NOT Interested

Are you trying to figure out if he is into you? I will teach you step by step how to determine if he has feelings for you. But first you might want to know what signs he will give if he isn’t into you.

Note: This article will detail signs he will give if he is just not that into you. If you are interested in knowing the 7 signs he will give if he’s into you, take a look at, signs that he likes you, before reading this post. You will be able to return to this article at the end of the page.

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If you are interested in any man you want to make sure that there is some mutual interest before investing a lot of time and energy into letting him know that you are interested as well. Here are 9 signals that he has little to no interest. Stay tuned because I’m going to share with you a resource where you can get a guy who has a little interest to be completely into you.

9 Clear Signs That He Isn’t All That Into You

You should be familiar with the signs he will give if he doesn’t like you. Because if you don’t know , you will be left feeling not only disappointed, but embarrassed and humiliated too. But the absolute worst thing is wasting time thinking about him when he isn’t interested in you.

I actually had a crush on a guy for 7 years because I wasn’t aware of the signals.

So you want to know the negative signs:  Signs he likes me NOT?

The following signals are a pretty good indication that they are probably not as attracted to you (if at all) as you might like them to be:

• He averts his eyes when talking to you. This is body language and if he is doing this he probably would rather be somewhere else.

• He has asked for your phone number, but then didn’t call. Or, if he gave you his number and expects you to give him a call. Don’t fall into this trap. Often times when men give their number to women, they want the woman to chase them or they want to see just how desperate a woman is. He needs to ask for your number AND call you.

signs he likes me• He says he is going to call and then he doesn’t. Ok, there could be a good excuse for this (and it had better be a good one!), however we all know it only takes two seconds to make a quick call or even send a text message! Or if you call him and he says he will call right back and he never gets around to it.

• Does he flirt with other women while he is around you? Not a good sign at all.

• You call him 90% of the time. If he rarely, if ever calls you then chances are they aren’t as interested in you as you are in them. The best thing to do in this situation is to take some time off from calling you to see if he starts to pursue. If not, it’s best to move on.

• He always makes up excuses as to why he can’t meet your friends or family. Why wouldn’t he want to meet your friends and family if he is really attracted to you and wants things to last?

• They told you they weren’t attracted to you (ok, that’s pretty obvious!)

• He forgot your birthday – again. If he forgets important dates or events in your life, then he doesn’t place much importance on these dates in your life. You deserve better.

• He only answers his phone when he doesn’t know it is you calling. This person is too scared to tell you they’re not interested, so will avoid talking to you for as long as possible in hope that you will give up and move on.

DATER BEWARE: Sometimes it is difficult to tell if he is attracted to you or not if he is genuinely a nice person and does not want to hurt you. Or you could be confused by a person who is just simply a good conversationalist. Sometimes people just enjoy talking to other people and you should not mistake this as an attraction sign.

MEGA TIP: If he really likes you he will find a way to approach you. Even if he’s shy, he will find an excuse to see you or call you. If you like him and he hasn’t shown any attraction signs but he has not given any of the “keep away” signals, flirt with him. If he responds in a good way, then you know there is a good chance he is interested.

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