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Signs That He Likes You

7 Simple Signs That He Likes You And 3 Things You May Be Doing That Turns Him Off

signs that he likes youAre you getting mixed signals?

I get a lot of questions from readers asking how to tell if a guy likes you. This is a tough question because if you’re asking this questions chances are that he did not flat out tell you that he has no interest in you. Most likely what has occurred is that he has given you mixed signals as to whether he likes you or not.

Maybe you talk to him hours upon hours and he still hasn’t asked you out. Maybe he smiles at you often and offers to do things for you but he has given no indication that he wants to pursue anything further. Or maybe you feel that he’s shy and doesn’t want to come right out and say that he has interest.

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I’ve had women tell me of embarrassing situations where they have poured their hearts out to a man only to figure out that he wasn’t all that interested. I even have my share of embarrassing stories where I have gone out on a limb thinking that certain actions from a man meant that he “liked me” only to find out that he wasn’t into me in that way at all.  And on the contrary, I’ve had several experiences where men have expressed to me that they had a “crush” and I was completely clueless.

It’s best to find out early on whether he has interest or not because the truth is that you can be attracted to a man for a very long time if you are assuming that he has interest where there is no interest at all. You can also run the risk of him losing interest if you don’t do the right things to let him know that you are interested in him.

Note: He may be attracted to you and even interested in you, but if you aren’t giving him a clear signal that you are “approachable” chances are he won’t make his move. Many women make the mistake of coming on too strong, this is not flirting and men really don’t like it. They start to act distant, even if they were interested before.

It’s a really common mistake among women because we feel we should reciprocate the “liking” and often times this just causes a man to lose interest. More on this in my 10 Lesson Advanced Attraction Mini Course, it’s free for a limited time.

7 Signs That He Likes You

1. Pay attention to his body language

You will want to pay attention to a man’s body language. You don’t want to be obvious when doing this so just take note. Body language is very telling because a person does it unknowingly.

You can always avoid saying things to someone, but most of the time you can not control your body language unless you are consciously trying too, and even then it’s hard.

If he is mirroring your movements (done without him thinking about it) or if his feet are pointed towards you, this is a good sign. It means that he is at least engaged in the conversation.

Feet are actually a very telling sign. Which way are his feet pointed? It never fails with me, I always know when I want to go because one of my feet is usually pointed towards the door, even though I am consciously smiling and listening to the other person talk. — This happened a lot at work when someone wanted to start a conversation just as I was about to leave.

But don’t take body language as the ONLY sign. A lot of times a man will mirror your body language if he is really enjoying the conversation. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he likes you in a romantic sort of way, it can just mean that you are interesting and he enjoys talking to you.

2. Has he told someone close to him about you? Have you met his family?

This is a very good signal if you have gone out a couple of times but he hasn’t asked you to be his “girlfriend”. If he is introducing you to people close to him there is a good chance that he wants to keep you around.

You should also pay close attention to when he is talking to you. You want to look for instances where he says he has mentioned you to a family member or a close friend.

Men rarely mention “friends” or women that they want to be friends with to other people in their circle. So if you meet someone close to your “crush” and they already know about you, there is a good chance that he likes you.

3. Has he flirted with you? (when first meeting him)

This is something that goes two fold. Sometimes in order to get a man to flirt with you, you have to give him a positive signal that you are going to be receptive to it. If you always go around pouting OR you have low self confidence and never smile at men, it will be difficult for him to know that you are “available” or approachable.

Many men don’t approach women or give them more positive signs that they actually like them because they don’t want to be rejected.  So it is up to you to give him those positive signals so he will come over a approach you.

4. Does he try to get to know you better?

Most men are goal focused. So this is a very telling sign. Often times men won’t ask a lot of personal questions about you or your life. So if you notice that a man is trying to get to know you better, pay attention. Is he asking you what you like or dislike? Is he trying to see what you do on the weekends? Does he show a genuine interest in you? Does he ask you your feelings about certain subjects?

5. Does he try to make you happy?

This is simple but it is HUGE. If he is trying to make you happy, this most likely means he has taken an interest in you.

6. Has he asked for your number?

This is a very good sign, but still not the absolute best sign. If he genuinely needs your number for a project at work or for a group project at school, this is not what I am referring to.

But if there is really no reason for him to have your number but simply to call you sometime, this is a very good sign. Allow him to call you. But don’t take it hard if he doesn’t, some men take pride in just collecting numbers just to see how many women will bite.

7. Has he asked you out?

There is no better sign than this, if he has asked you out, he likes you. This is the only way you will know for sure, unless he just comes out and tells you that he likes you. I’m not talking about to a school dance or a work event where it would be awkward if you didn’t have a date, I’m referring to dinner or a movie.

If he is showing signs of interest, you want to make sure that you don’t get stuck in the “friends zone”. In order to get him to ask you out, you have to give him some sort of sign that if he approaches you, he won’t get turned down or rejected. The easiest way to do this is with a warm smile. You will want to give him an elongated warm smile and then look down, then look back up and smile again. (This technique is highly effective, so don’t use it unless you are ready for a guy to ask you out).

The Mistake My Friend Made…And Maybe You Have Too

Melissa is usually a pretty smart girl. In fact she’s going to school to get her Phd.

She would probably kill me if she knew I was telling this story to you, but I’m going to risk it because the lesson here is going to help you tremendously.

If she finds out, I’ll probably have to pull it off this site, so read it while you can:)

When we were in undergrad, Melissa had this huge crush on a guy in one of our classes. He had given her some signals that he liked her, so she thought.

He would smile at her and even accepted a lunch date with her. (her first mistake)

After a while she felt things weren’t going as fast as they should so she researched (stalked) him and found out where he lived.

She was already planning on going on a road trip but decided to take the route where she would pass by his hometown. (2nd mistake)

She casually called him (actually it was pretty planned) and told him that she had a small gift for him, but it was nothing huge. (3rd mistake)

He agreed to meet her to pick it up.

But when she got there…..He didn’t show up!

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Here’s Why I’m Telling You This Story…

If you like a guy, you’ve probably done some pretty crazy things to get him to notice you.

Avoid Doing This

First of all, you should RARELY if ever ask a guy out when you are first getting to know each other. Big no no, it has to do with the guy wanting to be the pursuer.

And This…

Secondly, I’m pretty sure being a stalker is not attractive…you’re not tricking him with your “accidental meetings”.

No Gifts

Lastly, giving guys gifts when you like them is completely off limits. This goes back to guys wanting to be the one who pursues you.

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