What Attracts Men To Women

Why Sexy Women End Up Getting Their Heart Broken

what attracts men to women

Few women actually know what attracts men to women.

You may falsely believe that being sexy or attractive is what gets a man to want to be in a relationship with you, but this is not the case. Being attractive plays a part in enticing a man, but men choose which woman they want to spend more time with based on other factors.

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I’m going to share with you 3 qualities that actually attract men to women. You’ll learn the truth about attraction – things you would never knew about men that give you a competitive edge when attracting him. This is because few women understand what men really look for in women.

A lot goes on in a good man’s head before he approaches you. And I’m not including the men that honk their horn at you or the men in the club or bar that grab your arm to get your attention. These men most likely honk and grab at anything that walks. When attracting a good man you’ll want to keep the following attraction truths in mind.

The Truth About Attraction: 3 Things He Wants

1. Are you comfortable in your own skin?

Before you attempt to attract any man you have to make sure you like yourself.

Duh, of course I like myself, what does that mean?

I mean you truly have to love yourself and what’s going on in your life right now, even if you feel your life is stressful, overwhelming, or pretty much just sucks right now. You have to have the attitude that “things might suck right now, but I’m going to get through and I’m still pretty darn awesome!”

You have to surround yourself with people who are motivators and will uplift you instead of people who are draining and bring you down. Feeling good about yourself is underrated; it truly is the magnet that attracts good men. I’m not saying that you can’t attract a man if you aren’t completely comfortable in your own skin, but believe me you won’t want to.

Here’s why:

what attracts men to womenAttracting a man into your life because you feel he will make you happier, rarely if ever works. Dressing up, flirting, and having men ask you out when you aren’t happy with who you are is like a gazelle fattening up…only for the lion to ravish it.

In case you didn’t know, men do take advantage of those women who have low self esteem because these women tend to be very easy.If you are already feeling pretty good about yourself that is great. But you’ll need more to seal the deal.

2. Are you effective at giving the green light?

You have to be an effective flirter. It scares most men to death to approach a woman they may be interested in….unless he does the task very often, then you really don’t want that type of man anyway. You have to give him a little something to go on, whether it’s a smile or a little eye contact.

A good flirting technique is to catch his eye and give an inviting smile, keep the glance for about 2-3 seconds and then look away. Look back at him and smile again. This way he knows that if he approaches you he most likely won’t risk rejection.

3. Can you do this for him?

Lastly, the woman who is able to attract a man for long term has the ability to make a man feel good about himself. The woman who makes a man feel good about himself will always win. You will want to learn how to effectively make a man feel good about himself.

This is not about giving fake compliments are acting overly into him. It’s about allowing him to do certain things for you. Let him pay for the first date and allow him to open your door.

Let him know by accepting his good deeds that you appreciate what he is doing. A man gets his pleasure in the relationship from making you happy. So if he feels that he will be effective in making you happy he will be more attracted to you because that will be what will make him feel good about himself.

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